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Soccer for Kids and How to play Soccer With Tips and Soccer Rules.

Plain and simple, to enjoy themselves! At any level of soccer if it’s not fun you shouldn’t be doing it. Especially when your young soccer drills for kids are suppose to be enjoyable above all else.

Soccer Drills for Kids that are fun, enjoyable and also an effective teaching tool is the Holy Grail for soccer coaches trying to encourage the game to our youth.

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Thanks to Soccer Fun for Kids Club affiliation with Met Oval, Coach Campos had the opportunity to meet Manchester City Head Coach Pellegrini. "It was a beautiful experience to witness a professional traning with top world-class players and at the end a Q&A with the team's coaching staff".


Benefits of playing soccer for young kids.

Team building, basic soccer skills and fun are they key things to remember when running soccer drills for kids. You need to bring enthusiasm as well so the kids can feed off of it and make it more enjoyable for the both of you. Kids love it when somebody can joke around with them so don't forget to have fun with it by messing around with your players a little bit.

Noting the absence of opportunities for expatriate children to play soccer in Shanghai, founder Will Dong (along with two partners who both work in international schools) came up with the idea for a city-wide sports league. “We just wanted to provide a safe and fun soccer environment for expat kids,” says Will, “a place here in Shanghai where, if you like the sport, you can come and play together.”