- 400 Micron swimming pool solar pool cover

Blue Wave 16-Feet x 32-Feet Rectangular 12-mil Solar Blanket for In Ground Pools, Blue


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Pool Fences are good, but a Solar Safe Pool Covers are better!
Most people are trained to think that pool safety means a pool safety fence. Pool fencing is a great item to help stop children from falling into a swimming pool but the facts show that about 20% of the child drowning incidents each year happened in pools that had a fence. That means as a whole they are 80% effective. Is 80% effective good enough for your family? Whether the pool fence is in disrepair, the gate not latched properly or the child figures out how to climb the fence, inquisitive children find their way past pool safety fences. Many people fall into a false sense of security thinking that since they have a fence that makes the pool child-proof.

When many people think of a solar pool cover they think of the inexpensive solar/blue bubble plastic covers that you cut with a pair of scissors to fit your pool. While these covers can add some heat to your pool, they don’t offer the many benefits of the PowerLock Pool Cover.

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Tests have shown that the Solar Safe Pool cover will add more heat to your pool water than the solar/blue bubble type covers. It will never clog up your filter with “fish scales” (little pieces of the plastic bubbles) as the bubble covers do when they’ve been in the Arizona sun for just a little while.

At Solar Safe Pool Covers we believe that every pool that has an exposure to little children should have at least one barrier of protection and multiple barriers are preferred. Our pool covers meet the national American Standard Testing and Measures ( ASTM) standard F 1346-91. This standard for pool covers requires that the cover supports at least 485 pounds (two adults and one child) to safely walk on the cover in case a child may accidentally get on the cover. As you can tell by the pictures on this page, we greatly exceed that weight limit. Our special brass anchors allow for complete comfort in knowing that if attached properly the pool cover will not allow a child to have access to pool water.