Sonic R Dec. 1997 Preview Japanese Sega Saturn Video Magazine

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Sonic R: Sega Saturn

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SEGA Saturn Commercial - Sonic R

Sonic R [Japan Import]

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Sonic running through a short cut in Resort Island with the rainy effects.

Sonic R


Sonic R

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A side-scrolling Sonic racing game.

Everybody's Supersonic Racing! Knuckles, Tails, Amy and Dr. Robotnik join Sonic in his speediest outing yet. Containing 5 graphically stunning tracks with many short-cuts and secrets. Sonic R will have you coming back for more. Features Grand Prix, 4 Time Attack modes and split-screen 2 player game.

Race to the finish line with the fastest-moving, blue animal on the planet in SONIC R. Choose from four different speed demons as they compete on five twisting and turning tracks. Take on the challenges of six game modes including Time Attack, Grand Prix, and Two-Player. Since everything is rendered in 3D, you'll have complete freedom of movement. For the smoothest control, use the 3D analog controller. Get into the game with SONIC R.

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  • Sonic Underground
  • Sonic R (Sega - Sega Saturn - 1998)

    How fast can you go? If you love to cut loose through twisting, whipping, upside-down flipping, high-flying loop-de-loops, you'll love Sonic R! Sonic, the world's fastest Hedgehog, goes nose to toes with the world's meanest mad scientist, Dr Robotnik. The evil doctor is gunning for the grand prize - the world-famous Chaos Emeralds! Can the fastest racer in the world outrun Robotnik's most diabolical scheme to date? Run, don't walk to wild and wicked head-over-tails speed fun!

    Sonic R was later released for the PC sporting some improvements over the Saturn version such as improved graphics and four player racing and later a patch added network play.