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Melissa & Doug Farm Animals Sound Puzzle


Comments about Vehicles Sound Puzzle (8 pc):

5 years +
Match the American states with the right spots on the map and learn more geography with this USA Map Sound Puzzle by Melissa & Doug!

I was excited to purchase this product. I have a one-year old who really loves music and thought this would be a great way to introduce the sounds of various instruments, however this was a great disappointment. When placing the pieces in the appropriate spaces the sound does not work. The magnetic sensors are poor and do not properly touch. Unfortunately its not just the music puzzle but various other sound puzzles I purchased. I guess my son will use it just for matching purposes :-(

Melissa and Doug Numbers Sound Puzzle

Alphabet Song Sound Puzzle - 24 pc

Melissa and Doug Pets Sound Puzzle

Puzzles that make sound are prized by kids. Sound puzzles offer audible rewards for the accomplishment of putting the puzzle together! Listen and you'll hear vehicles, animals, instruments and more. Fat Brain Toys has sound puzzles that make first puzzle experiences valuable learning time and music to their ears.

3 years +
This language learning Spanish Alphabet puzzle is a sound puzzle, too, pronouncing the letters of the alphabet, and the words in Spanish!