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In addition to the Spanish editions of board games originally published in English, there are more and more Spanish board games that are available in the United States and other English speaking countries.

Playing Spanish board games is a reward for both you and your students. Whether you incorporate games into your lesson plans once a week, twice a month, or as part of a celebration at the end of the semester, they make a fun, low-pressure way of reinforcing vocabulary and stimulating creativity at any level of language learning.

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There are many different Spanish board games that can help people who are learning the language to hone their skills. Many of these are the same games Spanish-speaking children might play, since they use simple vocabulary that even non-native speakers can understand.

If you don’t feel your students have enough of a vocabulary to play on their own just yet, give them a list of Spanish-language vocabulary words to choose from. The catch: In order to score a point for an un-matched word, they have to provide its English translation. You could also play in English, but make students provide the Spanish translation of each English word before they claim a point. For a list of other readily available Spanish board games, click .