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Cra-Z-Art Magic Spinning Art Machine


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Spin fiber into functional art that sets projects apart! Join popular spinner and PLY Magazine founder Jacey Boggs Faulkner, and experience the incredible feeling of spinning art yarn on your own wheel. During class, Jacey will guide you through all the timeless spinning techniques you need to create incredible new looks and textures. Along the way, you'll learn how to create three must-have single-ply textures. As you move on, you'll conquer a variety of methods for combining plies to create spirals, coils and supercoils. Want to work on your ply control skills? Jacey will show you the steps to haloes, stacks and loops, before moving on to core spinning and tail spinning. Plus, you'll learn how to add embellishments to your yarns and finish them so they're ready for knitting or crocheting!

Our updated design features a drum made from recycled plastic: making it lighter to carry and easier to clean. It also features a new hand brake to stop the spinning art smoothly, as well as an elastic cord to make paper changing easy and fast.

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“Being a resident at the Spinning Plate Artist Lofts for 14 years has been a great thing... having an affordable, large, comfortable apartment with lots of space in which to create art has been of the utmost value.”—Richard Claraval, Artist