Spy Gear Hidden Camera Mini Spy

Spy Gear - Undercover Spy Cam (Discontinued by manufacturer)


Unboxing: Spygear Helmet Camera

The Spy Gear Panosphere Camera is small, making it easy to hide. It can store up to two thousand photos and up to twenty minutes of video. It has a USB connection so it's easy to transfer images or video to a laptop.

The Spy Gear Capture Cam by Wild Planet ($34.99 list) motion sensor-activated webcam helps you catch snoops red-handed! When the motion sensor is tripped, the camera automatically takes a series of pictures. It also works as a typical webcam or traditional camera.

Spy Gear Covert Camera Demo by International Spy Shop

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  • Spy Gear - The Leader in Secret Agent and Special Ops Gear

    You may be looking at this thinking what the heck is that? Spy gear toys or gadgets are on the list of most little eight to ten year old boys I know. They make things like door alarms, night vision goggles and this panosphere camera. The Spy Gear Panosphere Camera was originally £59.99, then dropped to £12.49 for a VERY limited time, it's now £14.99 but it's still a super bargain at that. It's £45.50 at Debenhams, folks.

    Explore your surroundings without ever being seen using the Spy Gear Snake Cam! The Snake Cam’s ultra flexible camera arm bends so you can see over walls, around corners, under doors or wherever you want! Just press the Activation Button, aim the Snake Cam and the Live Cam feed will project onto the handheld LCD screen. Whatever it sees, you see! Now you can navigate through challenging environments and detect enemies all while remaining hidden! When it’s time to pack up and disappear, the Snake Cam easily folds back into the compact unit and stores on your belt with its handy clip. Gear up with the Spy Gear Snake Cam!