TheField Agent Spy Watch uses 1 coin cell battery which is included.

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Except bad documentation and low production quality, the challenge of designing a spy watch is interestingly big. The limited space to put buttons and LEDs make it quite hard to have a good feedback and mapping. Also the nature of spy tools make feedback less subtle or cryptic. However, the functionality of this watch can be improved for a better user experience.

Today I was reviewing a spy watch send to me by its retailer in Stockholm. Since it’s not an official review I cannot disclose names, but the watch itself seems to be one of those with no name so here I just refer to it as the watch. It is an ordinary analogue wrist watch which can record 30fps HD video, take photos (5MPix) and record audio. It has 8GB storage and can be connected to computer via USB as a standard mass storage device.


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Smith Newnam’s says,
The Spy watch is a concept I developed as a branding and styling project. The goal was to examine an established company and develop a product that was not featured in their line, but still expressed the essence of the brand. I chose Spy Optics, since they have a defined style and unique approach to sunglasses. I thought their market could reasonably expand to include watches, and so I developed a watch concept.
Thanks Smith

The Spy watch isn’t meant for a secret agent, but takes the optical brand Spy into an arena that they have never explored before. As designer Smith Newnam explains, “I chose Spy Optic for their stylish and well defined image. A watch seemed like a natural choice, as another form of functional, wearable fashion accessory.” The timepiece features a watchband made from polyurethane and sports an OLED display just underneath the surface. For extra safety, the watch closes by a double clasp mechanism. The spy logo that you see on the watch is actually a button for navigating the settings.