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Toysmith Slime Baff 5.29 oz (Discontinued by manufacturer)


The Squishy Baff: Does it Work?

Water Gel is also known as slush powder. It instantly turns a liquid into a solid or at least into a slushy solid. With Squishy Baff, the powder is super saturated with water, so it goes beyond a solid and becomes more of a goo.

Squishy Baff – the powder that turns your bath into squishy fun is most likely a polymer. Polymers are long chains of molecules. Water absorbing polymers soak up water through osmosis and swell to a larger size. The polymer chains have an elastic quality, but they can stretch only so far and hold just so much water.

Squishy Baff is for ages 5 and up.

  • Amber says:

    I bought Squishy Baff from Walmart. The price is ridiculous, but I thought my toddlers might have fun with it. It is a very cool idea, however it is the most slippery substance known to man. My kids love to stand in the bath and I would not let them because it was so slippery. I stood in the tub with them and almost fell on my butt. It sticks to everything! It was an incredible mess! I poured in the solution and we waited for 20 minutes for it to turn back into water but it didn’t. I ended up having to hose my kids off with the shower. I then let it sit for another hour and it still did not turn into water. I drained it anyways and had to scoop the remaining handfuls of goop out of the tub. Not a fun product to clean up.

    • Megan says:

      Mine really worked almost exactly as described. Do you have soft water that is slippery as it is? What a shame, my experience was simple and fun.

  • Everything about the idea of Squishy Baff screams ““:

    Squishy Baff is easy to use and a fun surprise for any kid at bath time or outside in the pool! For younger kids, it’s a great use for a sensory bin. And older children will love the squishy feeling between their toes and maybe, even grossing out grandma with it!

    Squishy Baff is a product that will turn your bathroom into a green swamp, red planet, giant blue Slurpee (product is not edible) or pink witch's cauldron. The sky is the limit for what this goo can be. Just add goo and your child and watch your bathroom transform into a magical gooey wonderland.