Doctor Who Extra Squishy Stress Toys

Squishy Splat Ball Assortment Pack (1 Dozen Splat Balls)


The Hunt For Squishy Toys Miles Dimino

Having to protect all of space and time can be quite stressful at times. Sometimes, a regular foam stress ball just won't do. That's when the Doctor breaks out these Doctor Who Extra Squishy Stress Toys. There are many unique features to these stress toys; read on to learn more!

In the end, he just loved all the sounds that the squishy toys made and the silky textures. These fun sensory toys will be used in his daily play time routine.

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Squishy Goody Boxes (Includes 6 Squishy Toys

Each of these Doctor Who Extra Squishy Stress Toys is made of a gel-like plastic. It's squishy and bendy and really strange (almost like a gel-filled rubber). And because of that strangeness, it has extra special stress relieving properties (at least, it does for us). Plus, the Weeping Angel has a unique talent: when you squeeze it, the hands spread open revealing the Angel's really scary face. Doctor Who Extra Squishy Stress Toys are just the thing to cure Time Lord-level stress.

He did so good. Once or twice while waiting he kind of freaked out- and was ready to run. But with a reminder that it was a small shot & promise of squishy toys- he became brave and was ready- as long as it was a small shot and not a big shot.