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Delta Children Twin Bed, Star Wars


Jump into hyper speed for pleasant dreams

Should your pet want to hit up the Cantina or kitchen for treats, there are also Chewbacca and Vader themed treat jars to hold rewards for good behavior. And when it’s time for your furry Jedi to settle down for a nap, our soft and supportive Star Wars hideaway beds will help them take off into a restful sleep. May the Force be with you and your pet as your browse through the growing variety of Star Wars costumes, toys & products available now at Petco.

This Star Wars Landspeeder bed is awesome! Especially when you take into consideration the R2-D2 in the bed and the Stormtrooper hovering over you. Like the previous Star Wars beds, I expect that owning a bed this awesome will probably reduce your odds of getting laid in it but I would say that being able to sleep in something this cool every night would make up for that loss. Sadly, this bed isn’t as fast as the real thing but perhaps it can take you to dreamland at light speed!

Star Wars™ Bedroom & Astronomy Bedroom | Pottery Barn Kids

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[…] are copiousness of custom-made Star Wars beds, berth beds and whole bedrooms out there. However, as nearby as we can determine, this is a initial time Lucasfilm has certified a […]