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Star Wars R2-D2 Measuring Cup Set (Exclusive and Officially Licensed)


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I might not be the biggest Star Wars fan ever (choking as I say that), however, I’ve been a fan for a long time. I remember in the eighth grade, my mom bought me statuettes of all of the characters for Christmas. They were about 12″ high and I displayed them in my room. The only thing about receiving those kind of Star Wars gifts is that when I moved out, I had to ditch them. I moved away to college and I had no storage, and my parents didn’t want to store them for me. I might only have the R2 unit left, and that’s because he was short!

Here is Chapter One in what is growing into our massive guide to geek gifts! We’re starting with our biggest obsessions, featuring Star Wars gifts, Star Trek gifts, gifts for gamers / videogame gifts, and Dungeons and Dragons gifts . Our own DIY geek gifts will also be popping up on the blog in the next couple of weeks.

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    Anyway, my point is that I tend to like more useful Star Wars gifts these days. So that I either wear them out from the love or I can take them with me wherever I go (like shoes on my feet). It makes celebrating my love of Star Wars much more fun, along with more visible to the general public. Here are some gifts I think are great if you’re looking for something for the Star Wars fan in your life. I own most of these; I’ll let you guess which ones!

    When it comes to choosing gifts for a Star Wars fan, it’s all about choosing the right format and fitting it into their lives. We might all want a full-sized Boba Fett statue in our living room, but there’s people who prefer something subtle and classy, as well as those who want their Star Wars to be forever fun, eternalized in toy form. From the quiet and discreet for the closet Star Wars collector to presents for those who are out, loud and proud, we’ve got the 50 best Star Wars gifts to help the force be with you and your loved ones.