Star Wars role play is based upon themes.

The Clone Wars Campaign Guide (Star Wars Roleplaying Game)


The Star Wars Roleplaying Club (SWC)

We are one of the best established Star Wars roleplaying communities on the net and are a friendly and inclusive community of people of all abilities, ages, nationalities and creeds brought together by our love of Star Wars, writing and roleplaying.

SWRP (Star Wars Role Play) is a fantasy role-play community, focused primarily on the continuous power struggle between the fictional factions within the franchise. The community's members create spontaneous, faction and character specific, scenes of role-play on the social networking platform of . The roleplay is set thousands of years after the events of . It is the longest standing role-play community on the social networking site. Currently the Star Wars Roleplay Community has become increasingly active on social media sites such as KiK and Instagram, with notable instagram users such as @grand_admiral_thrawn and @yoda3027 who are leading members of the "Empire" on the instagram roleplay community for star wars.

Welcome to the Empire’s Edge, a Star Wars roleplay community

  • The Star Wars Roleplaying Game: Second Edition - Revised and Expanded[8] (1996) ISBN 0-87431-268-X
  • Sith Empire/History - Star Wars Role Play Wiki - Wikia

    This is the main wub wub of all Star Wars Role Playing activity on Mod DB. Join by posting a comment in the comment section and we will send you an invite.

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    I never looked this good when I was playing Star Wars back in the 70′s and 80′s – Kidz don’t know how lucky they are these days. This is a cracking collection of Star Wars Rebels Role Play products – Con has used them constantly since they arrived. Highly Recommended!!!