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Deco 79 Beautifully Designed Wood Leather Book Box, Set of 3


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Let’s say your home has an open floor plan and you have a hallway with a partial wall that separates this space from the living room. That wall could be a perfect space for storing books. You can turn it into a bookcase and take advantage of its presence. You could find similar situations in your home as well.{found on }.

these look cool but most suffer from some major issues. the biggest is that several designs store books out of reach of children. If the goal is to have books for the kids to read then they need to be able to get to them. The other issue is that several of these don’t hold more than a dozen or so books which don’t give kids many options. As a teacher I know that diverse reading is critical to developing reading skills and enjoyment.

What’s the Best Way to Store Books? - Real Simple

  • Consider renting a storage space in your town for storing books. If you have a lot of books, an indoor storage facility might be temperature-controlled and appropriate for some old boxes of books, while outdoor garages might be fine for your old paperbacks.
  • What’s the Best Way to Store Books

    If you want to store your books in the living room, then this space will become a sort of library. A simple and rather traditional storage solution would be to have one or many bookcases. To integrate them in the décor without wasting too much space, you could use the small spaces in between the windows or in the corners.{found on }.

    Of course, there are also cases when there’s just not enough space inside the house and finding a good spot for storing the books turns out to be a difficult task. But we have a perfect solution. You could use the staircase for that. The space underneath each step could be used as a storage compartment for books.{found on }.