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Find your nearest The Home Depot store locations in Canada.

Both sites had a little store locator link in the upper right corner of their home page. After clicking on this, I saw two different approaches to help me find the store.

For your online store locator, give the visitor a simple form that allows them to search using the information they have. Don’t force the user to give you so much information that it impedes them from completing the task. Take what they can give you and extrapolate the rest.

Find your nearest The Home Depot store locations in United States.

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  • Is your store locator a crazed bastard stepchild?

    Many brick and mortar retail stores or businesses offer online store locators. We’ve recently had a new pharmacy and store open by our home. This week, I needed to find the store hours for both of these new locations. Knowing that they wouldn’t be in my out-of-date phone book, I turned to their respective websites.

    When you add a store locator to your website, remember to keep the search simple and give as much information about your stores as you can in one glance. Overly complicated search entry and result pages will put barriers between you and your potential customer’s money. If the customer can’t find your store information online, they may never visit your retail location, and you’ll never make the sale.