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Strawberry Shortcake: The Glimmerberry Ball Movie


for 2011 11 Win 1 Of 5 Strawberry Shortcake Movies Skys The Limit

I love that Strawberry Shortcake movies are always full of good lessons. This one doesn’t miss the mark and does a great job at teaching manners. My kids loved the movie and I’m sure yours will too. This would make the perfect Easter basket addition too!

We are huge Strawberry Shortcake fans around here so we get pretty excited when a new DVD comes out. We couldn’t wait to see the new Strawberry Shortcake Berry Friends Forever movie out on DVD now! It’s fantastic (aren’t all Strawberry Shortcake movies great?) and it didn’t disappoint. This is perfect for family movie night or entertaining the kids while you get some things done (like making dinner!). It’s not just for girls either, Aiden loves it just as much as Danika.

Strawberry Shortcake Movie: The Sky s the Limit

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Trailer (The Strawberry Shortcake Movie: Sky's The Limit)

We have 10 Strawberry Shortcake movies. All of them are fun and sweet except this one. We found there to be several very intense and scary parts that my 5 year old would not watch. Some bears were chasing the friends and ruining flowers then, the friends were about to land on some spiky thorns. Then, the girls went on a quest for water with Mr. Longface. They had to cross a huge ravine and almost fell in. Mr Longface barely made it when he fell into the ravine and landed on a ledge. Just too intense for the intended age.

My kids both love to color. So to celebrate the release of the newest Strawberry Shortcake movie, here is a Berry Best in Show coloring page for you to print for the kids.