Will I be able to stream Coyotes games this season?

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This year, Twitter is getting into the streaming video mix with Thursday night streams, DirecTV’s is expanding its availability to more people, and and are adding . Which is all to say: streaming NFL games is somehow more complicated than previous years, even though it looks like you have more options.

NVIDIA also has their own GameStream solution that allows you to stream games from a PC with powerful NVIDIA graphics hardware. However, you’ll need an NVIDIA Shield handheld gaming console to do this. At the moment, NVIDIA’s game streaming solution can only stream to the NVIDIA Shield. However, the NVIDIA Shield device can be connected to your TV so you can play that streaming game on your TV.

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  • This is not required if you are streaming games played on a PC.
  • Installing the capture card is very similar to installing a graphics card.

NVIDIA GameStream | Play PC Games on NVIDIA SHIELD

is the one you want. It comes with Fox, NBC, ESPN, and the NFL Network. That means you get all the Thursday, Sunday, and Monday night games alongside whatever local games are on . CBS, however, is not on Sling TV, so you can’t stream games that air on CBS, sadly. If you don’t want Monday Night Football on ESPN, you can drop down to the $25/month Blue plan. Also, Sling TV’s local network plans are only available in certain markets, so . They offer a if you want to give it a test run before committing. I’d recommend signing up for the trial before the first regular season game so you can get a full weekend to see how it works, and maybe stream a pre-season game or two and see how you like it.

Now, if you have a cable subscription (or at least have access to someone’s login information,) you can log in to a few apps to stream live games. This includes most of Fox’s games, NBC’s Sunday night games, and ESPN’s Monday night games. Here’s where you need to go the day of the game: