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Snowy Owl 8" by Aurora


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A cute great horned owl named Oakley does a little dancing to The Monster Mash with his favorite stuffed animal owl friend. The really cool thing about this is that this owl isn’t a pet but was being raised until it could be released back into the wild. The Great Horned Owl was an orphan and the guy that made this video uses stuffed animals to give them comfort. He then put Oakley in with a couple other wild owls and then finally released him several weeks after this video was made. To prevent the owl from imprinted on the man he hide behind a camouflage sheet with holes in it when he had contact with the owl.

Owls are a fascinating creature and we have lots of different species of cool stuffed owl toys in this section. From the majestic looking great horned owl, the cute and cuddly snowy owl and the hard to find endangered spotted owl, we have a full selection of plush toy owls to choose from. Stuffed owls are a fun plush animal to have because they look so real looking. Even in the wild an owl will just sit there wise and still. With a stuffed animal owl you can prop it up in your room and it will just sit there like a real owl would, still and silent.

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