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The ribs are fantastic with homemade coleslaw and potatoes salad making Sugar Booger's a great place to eat. The owners treated was like we were family and quotes on the wall;s kept us laughing. We stopped on the way home from a day trip to the Buffalo River. Since we often go to the river we will be back. Hey it worth the short drive from Springdale just to eat there.

This is by far the best place for cupcakes and cakes I Panama City! I visited a few times and had the cupcakes, I was astounded by how heavy they were once I bit into one I immediately understood. They are so well made that they manage to be dense and fluffy at the same time, and they are filled with delicious cream! I was so impressed that I decided to order my twin daughters' birthday cake from them. The assistant didn't understand what I was looking for so the owner personally came over and took care of us! The end result was a beautiful and delicious one of a kind cake. That tasted even better than it looked (which was hard to do)! Also she came in the day after Christmas (my daughters' birthday) just to make sure we'd have a perfect cake for out perfect girls! My family will be ordering all of our cakes from Sugar Boogers from now on!

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SugarBooger by O.R.E. Silverware Set - Prehistoric Pal takes children back to the time of dinosaurs. This stainless steel set features ABS plastic handles for comfortable use. Your child's name can be written on the front of the reusable carrying case for easy identification.

I knew immediately what had happened. Halfway through the text he had forgotten that he was about to send it to me, and had gotten the idea that he was sending it to his wife. That, though, did not stop me from enjoying the mischievous nature I was born with. I suppose that is why my return text to him was, “Well, thanks a bunch, Sugar Booger, I love you too!”