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Safety 1st Summit Booster Car Seat in Chateau

The Cosco Summit car seat restrains children who weigh between 22 and 100 pounds or are 32 to 52 inches tall. It can be used as a high-back booster seat or as a five-point harness seat that is rear- or forward-facing. This car seat can be taken apart and put back together, which allows for it to be washed and converted from a five-point harness seat to a booster seat in a few steps. There is a proper way to reconstruct the five-point harness system after the car seat has been converted to a booster seat or after it has been taken apart to be washed.

The cosco Summit child car seat is a very good product to have. It lasts and it has a very good price in relation to other similar products on the market. It comes in different colors, so you can choose your or your little one's favorite. It includes a cupholder in one side of the seat and it is very comfortable for the kids. It has some cushion around the entire seat, but - I think - it is very thin. For me, the cushion should be a little thicker than what it currently is, but overall it is a good product. It is very durable, I have had the cosco summit car seat for 4 years now and even though I have washed at least a couple times each year, it still looks like it was brand new. It has kept its colors and the cushions too, the car seat is in perfect condition after 4 years of usage and my kids do real damage to everything they touch. It has a very comfortable design that help my kids to avoid getting hurt by hitting the side of the car seat, especially because it has some cushion in this area. Overall, it is a really good product.

Cosco Summit Booster Car Seat

3.0 stars

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Cosco Summit Booster Car Seat