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Shade-It Shade190T Windshield Sun Shade, Large, 63-by-33.86-Inch


She started up and waved her sunshade, but he did not see her.

My mom has visited us three times since we moved to Miami and everytime she comes she complains that there is no place for her to sit in the backyard in the shade so she can drink her morning coffee or watch the kids play. At our house in Colorado, she had the same issue with no seating, so I had to make her a little. I completely understand where she’s coming from because if you’ve ever been to southern Florida, then you know it can easily be a very humid 80° at nine in the morning. That’s no bueno! I know that my mom likes sitting outside, but she always comes in pretty fast just because the sun would beam down on her. I guess I never really paid attention to the heat and sun because I was so used to it and sunscreen is my best friend. Luckily, she has a daughter who is a Miami diy blogger and can come up with ideas in a heartbeat. I needed something that could go in our backyard that wasn’t expensive because I still want to build a backyard kitchen and need to save for that. I also wanted something that looked a little better than the last set I made for her. Here is my DIY Backyard Sunshade that completely blocks the sun for her and now she can watch the kids play without having to rush inside. It only took about an hour to complete and it turned out better than expected. Enjoy!

If you want your patio or balcony to feel like a real extension of your home, you ll need to be able to use it in almost any kind of weather conditions. Sunshine and heat in the summer, however, can quickly...

She would have liked a sunshade, but she had so many new things.

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I hope you won't treat it as you have treated the sunshade.'

I had to decide how wide and long the sunshade would be. Once that was figured out, my husband placed the rebar into the ground according to where the ends of the full length pvc would sit. (He said that I would take all of the credit for putting it up and wouldn’t include him in this post. He was wrong and here is proof that he did help out.)

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