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Superplay Games is a social mobile game developer and publisher headquartered in Southern California. Founded by game industry veterans from Blizzard Entertainment, Oddworld Inhabitants, Electronic Arts, and Petroglyph in 2011, Superplay is dedicated to creating mobile games that are not only entertaining and engaging on a single-player level, but also compelling and easy to share the experience with friends and family worldwide.

Superplay Games plans to offer regular content updates with new ships, guns, items, characters and single player campaign episodes. Players can download the game for iOS devices at the and for Android devices on the .

SUPERPLAY USA, Port Saint Lucie, FL

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Superplayer - Be you. Be music.

“Cosmonauts is the first of many titles we have planned for emerging game platforms,” said Paul Della Bitta, president and co-founder of Superplay Games. “The Superplay team is composed of avid gamers and we are working hard to create fun titles that resonate with both our peers and casual gamers alike. Our goal is to create entertaining mobile games that are compelling and engaging on a single-player level but can also be easily shared and experienced with others.”

Family and friends of the owners came out to SuperPlay on Thursday, Jan. 29, to check out the newly renovated facility with free food and games for the night.