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Designer brand Tiny Turnip sells a patent design swaddle sock for babies, the , which is possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen. You just to put your baby in it! Simply slide it on and keep baby swaddled and comfy! The socks are %100 cotton and come in so many colours that you won’t know what to choose.

A swaddle sock for babies that has been around for a bit longer is the , which is a one-piece baby body sock for swaddling newborns, made of stretchy organic cotton.

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As mums and dads, we use our instincts to work out what is best for our babies, and they are also very good at telling us. If swaddling is what your baby responds to best, you should definitely think about investing in a swaddle sock for babies. Instead of the traditional cloth swaddle, you can buy ready-made swaddles that look like big stretchy socks.

The authors stopped short of recommending swaddling for all babies, saying that more research is needed to evaluate reported complications of swaddling, such as respiratory infections or -related deaths.