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- Pokémon That Learn Tail Whip By Breeding:

These Pokémon learn Tail Whip at the level specified. The numbers given are for Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire and may vary in other games; check the respective Pokédex pages for details.

Want to impress your friends with an acrobatic scooter move? The tailwhip is a good place to start. By jumping off your scooter in mid-air, whipping it around behind you, and landing on the scooter to continue moving, you'll drop jaws for sure. Read on to find out how to get started learning this great scooter trick.

16 Plait - Black Kangaroo Single Tail Whip

I am not saying it isn't that move, I'm saying Psyduck is the only one who uses Tail Whip and has it officially declared as Tail Whip. There is no denying that Psyduck's "Tail Wag" is its Tail Whip. As for the Slam thing, I got that info from the only anime information related to it on this site, where it describes Lickitung's Slam attack. So are you saying that the act of a Pokemon hitting an opponent with its tail is the Slam attack? Cause if so, then there's our solution.

4' Hybred/Target Singletail Whip

Upon seeing that the move Kangaskhan used to defeat Team Rocket was listed under the anime, I added more uses to it, like when Ash's Charmeleon, a giant Onix, the crystal Onix, a pink Nidoking, and Nurse Joy's Gyarados all use the same move Kangaskhan used to defeat Team Rocket (hitting them with their tails, sending Team Rocket blasting off), and Drake's Dragonite on Squirtle, all as Tail Whip. However, deleted all of these and the Kangaskhan one as well, saying that Tail Whip and hitting an enemy with a tail are completely different. But if that's the case, then (unless the other ones count) the only Tail Whip we really see in the anime is Psyduck, which is mainly useless, to the point of Misty calling it "Tail Wag", twice. However, Psyduck's tail isn't quite as long and powerful as Charmeleon's, is it?

So, this has led to what appears to be a cross between a debate and a discussion over whether or not a Pokemon hitting an opponent (usually Team Rocket) with its tail counts as a Tail Whip. None of the other tail-related attacks seem to apply, however as far as I remember no one ever says "Tail Whip" in the anime, except Dexter and Misty, when referring to Psyduck's "Tail Wag".