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Hit The Target - 4" Action Figure Toy, Plastic Craft by EnderToys


Target WWE action figure hunting!!!!

The focus on women comes after the new star wars action figure line -- famously did not feature any females.
Even though the main character of star wars the force awakens is Rey -- a woman. The new class of superheroes will be soaring into stores next month.

Our friends at have gotten word that Fred Myers and Target are having a Star Wars action figure and Star Wars Lego sale. Send us your store reports and you could get front paged!

Target action figure hunting!!!!

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I just wanted to share some news of sales that I came across this week. First up is Fred Meyer with their sale of 20% off Star Wars action figures. This sale covers all three basic figure lines (TVC, MH, CW) and I believe Class I sets as well. Fred Meyer also has ALL Lego Star Wars on sale this week () (prices vary, but some great deals to be had). There is also an extra 10% Off any toy purchase coupon in their ad (printable here: )Next up, Target also has ALL their Star Wars Lego on sale this week (prices vary) ().Finally, Walgreens has their Star Wars action figures on sale for BOGO 50% Off. I was a little surprised to see their regular price is back down to $9.99 from a former high of $14.99 last year, so that helps. You may even get lucky and score an older figure that you missed out on. My Walgreens had SOTDS CW Ki-Adi Mundi.

Carded Bubble packaging This type of packaging consists of a sturdy piece of thin cardboard backing known as a "Card." The card is decorated with colorful artwork to draw consumer attention. The action figure is placed on the card and a bubble of clear plastic is then laid over the top of the action figure and attached to the card. The figure is then clearly visible to consumers. Often the bubble will have several small, fitted compartments to hold the figure and its accessories in place. and 's packaging of Star Wars action figures since 1977 are an example.