Help Team Umizoomi get all their shapes back from the Shape Bandit

Nickelodeon Baby Girls' Team Umizoomie Sleep Set - 12 Months

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Fisher Price released the first official "Team Umizoomi" toys in early 2012. The first products available included plush dolls, bath toys, and figurines featuring characters and vehicles from the show.

The Troublemakers are a group of antagonists from Season 4. Their only goals in life are to cause havoc, chaos, and trouble in Umi City, as well as defeat Team Umizoomi. They have a secret weapon called the Trouble Ray, which fulfills their malicious troublemaking ways, and a vehicle they call the TroubleTruck, which they use to get away. The Troublemakers are named Little Trouble and Big Trouble.

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The security mouse of Umi City and sometimes friends to Team Umizoomi. He often blocks the team's entry into parks or buildings, stating a key is needed for access. The team must then complete a math-related challenge to retrieve the key.

Milli's younger brother who zooms everywhere on his Super Skates and wears a blue helmet and shirt. He also has abilities related to geometric shapes. Geo wears a shape belt and can create anything by assembling shapes and then singing "Super Shapes". Often when Team Umizoomi is stuck and needs some type of vehicle to assist them Geo will figure out what they need and present a blueprint for the thing that needs to be built and then interact with the child viewing the show to figure out which shapes are needed to fill in the blue-print. He also has a Shape Magnet to help him find shapes through obstacles and a Shape Splitter to help him split shapes.