3. How to use Anbesol Teething Gel

Hyland's Baby Teething Gel, Natural Homeopathic Baby Teething Pain and Irritability Relief, 0.5 Ounce


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Hyland’s Teething Gel
Although Hyland’s teething tablets , its teething gel is still on store shelves. Hyland’s Teething Gel is a homeopathic teething remedy that contains very small amounts of its active ingredients: Calcarea Phosphorica (a mineral that supports teething), Chamomilla (a botanical that relieves irritability), Coffea Cruda (a botanical that relieves the symptoms of wakefulness and diuresis) and Belladonna (a botanical that relieves gum inflammation and redness). Although the Belladonna plant can be toxic when ingested in large doses, homeopathic Belladonna is safe and non-toxic, due to the miniscule concentration in the gel. Available at major retailers, pharmacies and health food stores nationwide.

Calgel Teething Gel helps reduce the pain caused by teething in babies and infants. Calgel gel is sugar free and provides fast acting relief.

What Anbesol Teething Gel contains

Learning about teething:

  • What is teething?

Knowing what to expect:

  • When is my baby likely to start teething?
  • In what order do baby teeth usually come in?
  • Does my young child need routine dental exams?

Getting treatment:

  • When should I call a doctor?
  • How can I relieve my baby's discomfort?
  • Are teething gels and other remedies recommended?

Ongoing concerns:

  • What if I have concerns about my child's teething?
  • How can I help prevent tooth decay?

Anbesol Teething Gel contains the active ingredients; lidocaine

Teething gels quickly wear off and are often washed away by your baby's saliva. If you opt for one, make sure you use one that is sugar-free and specifically made for babies. Always make sure you follow the instructions on the pack. Don't be tempted to apply more than the instructions suggest. If your baby's younger than four months, check with your doctor before using teething gels or other remedies.

Teething gels usually contain a local anaesthetic and an antiseptic, which work together to ease pain and prevent infection. A small amount rubbed on to the sore gum with a clean finger or cotton wool pad has a brief numbing effect.