Oh, to Live on a Farm. Oh to plumb the duck pond to the garden

Duck Pond Matching Game for kids by GAMIE - Includes 20 Plastic Ducks with number & shapes And 3' x 6" Inflatable Pool - Fun Memory Game - Water Outdoor Game for Children, Preschoolers, Birthday Party

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A slow roll-out release of the Duck Pond began on January 11, 2011

As of March 2011, expansions could be made to the duck pond. The pond can be expanded by using 20 x 2 Shovels and 20 x Watering Cans to expand the pond to hold 30 ducks. Once the expansion is finished, another 10 ducks can be added after adding another 20 x 2 Shovels and 20 x Watering Cans. The limit is 40 ducks. Expanded duck ponds do not differ in appearance from regular duck ponds.

Note that the first Duck Pond can be constructed with materials, while having another one can only be by purchasing a fully built one from the market with FV cash.

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Order as handmade oil paintingThe Duck Pond - Eduard Heinel

The game, a 9-8 loss at the Duck Pond, ..

The Duck Pond is a in . A slow roll-out release of the Duck Pond began on , 2011.

The foundation was given as a gift to farmers playing at that time whereas new farmers (or those who accidentally sell them) could purchase them from the for . Once the players access their farm, they will immediately be entered into Placement Mode. Duck Pond can be placed on the farm now, or player can choose to place it in the Gift Box for use later.

Once a foundation had been acquired, farmers could receive help from their neighbors, by gifts of building materials. A total of 40 building materials are needed before the Duck Pond is fully functional.

The college duck pond, along with its surrounding wall and benches, is the most popular spot on the Emory & Henry campus. Students like to gather on and around the duck pond wall after lunch and dinner on warm days, and local families bring their children to play and to feed the ducks. The duck pond was created in 1950, but the significance of its existence reaches back through the entire history of Emory & Henry.