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Awesome Tim, thanks for the insights on the Shadow of Mordor PC version. Not sure I’ll like the combat mechanics, but the Nemesis system sounds great. How much open world is it roughly would you say? Like Skyrim or more constrained?

Shadow of Mordor is by far the best game in the Lord of the Rings series. It successfully manages to bring some of the best open world experiences we can find right now on the market, and with the help of the Nemesis system it really brings a lot of replay value. If you were looking for an excuse to explore Mordor again, then don’t wait and go for it! Lord of the Rings Shadow of Mordor is a masterpiece that will eat up 20-30 or even more hours from your life, but rest assured that it’s well worth it!

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Of course, this is Tolkien, whose novels have always been about the unexpected journey, not the expected destination. Shadow of Mordor is a raucous adventure. You hold a single button to rush up towers and leap improbable distances, and fluid animations make the locomotion feel (usually) breezy and fun. An Uruk archer may be waiting atop that tower, but no matter: another button allows you to stab him from below, though you could always sneak up from behind and sink your hidden blade--er, your totally unhidden dagger--into his stinking flesh, if you'd rather. Yes, it's easy to make the Assassin's Creed connections, particularly when you encounter the frustrations Shadow of Mordor shares with that other series: a lack of precise movement that makes certain simple actions more trouble than they're worth, clumsy camera angles, and animation quirks that turn close-quarters battles into awkward, jittery dances.

The Lord of the Rings series is by far one of the most popular fantasy novels out there and it has even spawned quite a lot of movies as well. However, most of the games with the action placed in Middle-Earth were quite bad as they didn’t bring justice to a universe with so much lore. Thankfully, Lord of the Rings Shadow of Mordor is the latest title in this series and it successfully manages to bring a one of a kind open world experience that hasn’t been seen before.