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Nintendo Official Super Mario Thwomp Cushion/Pillow Plush, 12"


A Thwomp behind Mario in Super Mario Galaxy.

Thwomps, alongside other enemies such as and , are some of the few -introduced enemies that keep appearing in later games. Thwomp itself makes a new appearance in , now redesigned and recolored due to the expansion of the palette. Unlike old Thwomps, they are now gray-colored and have lost the prominent spike on top of their head; now all spikes look exactly the same and are the same size, relatively. They reprise their role as the smashers and will try to squish Mario or without a second thought. Their speed is almost unaffected, and usually take a few seconds to rise up to their original place once again. This gives the player a chance to run below them.

Thwomps have their first sub-species in with the inclusion of . They are smaller versions of Thwomps that roam around, usually in small hallways and often come in groups. They are, just like Thwomps, invincible and are usually only used as obstacles that slow the player down.

Dry Bowser nears a Thwomp in Bowser's Castle (N64) of Mario Kart Wii.

A Thwomp from New Super Mario Bros
Super Thwomp


Super Whomp




Notable Members
Whomp King
Koopa Troop, Whomp King, Bowser

The Thwomp Candy from Mario Party 8.

There are three ways to defeat Thwomps in this game. The first is hitting a Thwomp with a as . The second is to throw a with the . The third is by using the and . In certain levels, it is possible to get above a Thwomp while it is down. While it is down, if the player jumps above the Thwomp and uses Statue Mario, they will destroy it, giving the player 200 .

Thwomps make their debut appearance in . They usually try to squish under their weight whenever he passes beneath them. Thwomps are possible to be easily avoided by using the ability. With this, it is impossible for Thwomps to destroy Mario by crashing him from above. They return in the game's remakes, and in the same fashion as the older Thwomps. They feature improved graphics and retake their especially mad expressions. Curiously, these Thwomps have a "bigger spike" on top of their forehead, separated from the rest of the body by what looks like a small ribbon of sorts. This spike is prominent in appearance but has no effect in the game. It is also worth noting that these Thwomps, instead of having their eyes separated, have both eyes as glowing dots in a black space. This is most likely due to palette and space limitations. This also explains why they look pale blue in the Nintendo Entertainment System version of . The Nintendo Power Guide referred them to as Thwomp Traps.