Gymkhana Driving Is Somehow Even More Impressive With Tiny RC Cars

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Incredible new generation of extreme speed tiny RC cars has made enormous headway in the RC industry this Holiday season. Many of them are none performers but a few of them fantastic with great control and power. They are mind boggling for their size. A great new alternative to micro Helicopters. Micro RC cars break less than Helicopters and do less damage to home furnishings.

If you're bored of the recent trend of tiny RC cars and helicopters, a company called Armortek has a line of incredibly detailed RC tanks that will surely pique your curiosity. The is a 1/6-scale behemoth that even sounds like the real thing thanks to a gas-powered engine and real metal treads.

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They cause your cars to spin easily, and corner very sharply

It’s starting to be “that time” of year again, where many of the manufacturers in RC start to put together great price-pointed items to lure in the unsuspecting non-RC crowd. This is a good thing! It gets more people into the RC world and lets people check out the cool technology that RC has to offer. Most recently, the trend has been “tiny RC cars” or vehicles that have been calculated to the 1/18th, 1/24th and 1/32nd scale.