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The best convertible car seats on the market have passed all federally mandated safety tests and provide passengers with a sturdy, secure, and convenient mode of travel. Ease of use and other features make some models more appealing to those who frequently travel with children. The top convertible car seats accommodate passengers' growth from infancy to pre-adolescence and include the following contenders:

The Britax Advocate accommodates children ranging from 5 to 40 pounds in rear-facing position and 20 to 65 pounds in rear-facing position. Loyal Britax customers are particularly enamored with the extra two inches of strap sported by the over its predecessor the G3, as the extra material allows pre-adolescents to fit in the seat that much more easily. The Advocate does not have a built-in cup holder like some other top model car seats do, although it does come with a clip-on. Most children find this seat comfortable and “sleep-worthy,” a valuable benefit to families during longer car rides.

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    The Britax Boulevard 70 infant car was designed to provide maximum protection to the infant, keeping his head, arms, shoulders and neck far from any harmful agents. Seen by many specialists and technical advisors as one of the top rated car seats currently available on the market, the Britax Boulevard 70 convertible model delivers safety and protection to the infant in any crash circumstances. With a steel construction and additional features like the unique SafeCell Technology, the Britax Boulevard 70 enables the driver to pay attention to the road and not think of the child seated in the back or front.

    When it comes to safety standards and strict rules design to protect children it seems that no other product comes near to the Britax Marathon 70 convertible infant car seat. The engineers and technical advisers of Britax put in the Marathon 70 model skilled knowledge in order to provide safety to the body of the child, keeping its integrity intact in any circumstance. This infant car seat ensures maximum protection to the head due to the low gravity centre that ensures firm stability in possible crash moments. As one of the top rated car seats, the Britax Marathon 70 convertible infant car seat delivers the best present on the market today.