7. Are boys/girls/both featured in most toy commercials?

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When the toy commercials are on?

My husband, who had not seen the toy commercials that are aired throughout kids programming, was completely dumbfounded. As we watched one after another, he looked at me and said, “I never knew.”

The skit starts off just like any other toy commercial that you might remember on a Saturday morning. A couple of kids playing with their newly-acquired figures, and having a good time playing pretend with them. Sure, none of us can really relate to the children in the video anymore, but they’re soon joined by two older guys that I feel like I’ve hung out with on more than one occasion. Their catch phrase “or leave it in the box!” certainly reminds me of a few people I’ve known.

Voltron Toy Commercial 3 Motorized Giant Commander by SpacedCobraTV.

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Almost as long as I have been a filmmaker I have also been a film collector. I have for many years wanted to assemble a collection of vintage toy commercials into a flowing little feature length film, that feature all of these wonderful toys from 1950's 1960's and 1970's all of the major toy companies are represented in this film. Matel, Ideal, Hasbro, Marx, Aurora and many many others. So strap your self in and take a trip back through your childhood and you may discover a commercial for a toy that had a kid and my hope is that it will spark pleasant memory's from those days.

Music Video/Ad and Bandai Toy Commercials from the three ("Lord Zedd Waves," "Lights, Camera, Action," "When is a Power Ranger not a Power Ranger") MMPR Morphin Series VHS tapes. The Saban Music Video/Ad is present on all three tapes, so it is first in the video. Each tape also has a unique Bandai toy commercial, and it is clearly shown in the video which toy commercial came from which tape. Enjoy!

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