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I live on a small lot 40 by 100 feet so you can see that you canhave a large collection of engines on a small space if they aredwarf size. But with that many engines, large or small, you aresure to come up with some problems, and here is my BIG problem. Itis an old toy engine, all cast iron, weight about 6 pounds, oneinch bore and two inch stroke, flywheel five and five eighthsinches diameter and nine sixteenths of an inch rim. I think it is anatural gas engine, not gasoline. The cycle is very odd, two cycleand non compression. I am inclosing two pictures of the engine, oneof each side. Also a sketch of the cycle as I see it. I will try todescribe this engine and apparent cycle. I say apparent because Ihave not been able to make this engine run yet. There is ONEautomatic valve for intake and exhaust, a two-step cam operates theexhaust, also to open gas valve, open flame for ignition on theadmission part of the cycle by the passing of the piston of a smallopening in the cylinder wall at about half of the stroke leavingthe last half of the stroke for power, the return stroke forexhaust. I would like to hear from anyone that has ever seen orknows anything about this type of engine. I have been told thatit's cycle was devised in 1860 by Etienne Lenoir. It was twocycle and not very efficient.

Wilesco live steam engines though traditional toys from yesteryear, are today more popular than ever before. All of the Wilesco steam engines demonstrate clearly the basic change of energy in one form to that of another. The toy steam engine converts heat into mechanical energy via water. This process was used on large scale in the early 19th century to produce power.

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    First--60 old toy steam engines and hot air engines. Included inthis group are stationary engines, traction engines, road rollersand hot air engines, also a 16 inch hot air fan.

    The Company supplies their stationary steam engines and traction steam engines like the famous fire engines all over the globe, especially the toy and hobby range. Today Wilesco is the world's largest manufacturer of toy steam engines.