Roominate: A Building Toy for Girls

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Below you will find some of the top picks in toy boxes for girls that include storage chests, bookcases, bins, soft folding styles for travel, and organizers that work anwhere.

So even though they can't play all day and night, a toy chest for girls will help them bring a neat ending to the mess, whether in a little girls bedroom or the living room.

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The Toy Retailers Association has been in business for 50 years, and they are well qualified to predict toy trends. By taking into account what customers really want, and also working alongside retailers, and taking into consideration what really excites children and all the latest trends, they have compiled a list of the top 10 toys for girls for Christmas2011.

The oldest toys for girls are dolls that date from around 2000 BCE in Egypt. Children in Ancient Greece played with dolls made of rags, wood, wax or clay, sometimes with moveable arms and legs. Rattles, hoops and yo-yos were other common toys. When a young woman was to be married in Ancient Greece, she would sacrifice her dolls and toys and other youthful possessions to the night before her wedding.