Toys R Us is closing its iconic flagship store...

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Toy experts at Britain's biggest toy store, have unveiled their very own list of 14 Superstars, which are expected to dominate kids' Christmas lists this year - and it's going to be a hard-fought battle between tech toys versus popular collectibles and characters.

It's all part of offering customers convenience to shop whenever they want, said Troy Rice, Toys R Us executive vice president of stores and services, in a statement.

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    It is no secret that Toys R Us has been struggling in recent years, especially with major competition from Walmart, Target, and GameStop. Many customers are unhappy with Toys R Us because of "its slow checkout process, cluttered and disorganized shopping environment, [and] too-high prices," which could not be more evident than in the Times Square branch (Thau). Although the stores in Times Square generate massive sums of money, Toys R Us may be one that will be pushed out in upcoming years as rent prices in Times Square continue to soar. Many tourists would be unhappy with losing the extravagant Toys R Us attractions they come to Times Square to see.

    "It is certainly bittersweet," Toys R Us CEO Dave Brandon told , referring to the rush of shoppers in the store for the final Black Friday at the Times Square location.