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Two figures from cars mater and luigi, three figures from toyst..

New in New jacket. Book **NEW** Here is a wonderful resource for dollhouse collectors seeking to identify and date items in their collections. Shown in over 400 photographs are advertisements from catalogs, magazines, and trade journals picturing dollhouses, dollhouse furniture, and accessories. The ads provide a comprehensive pictorial history of mostly American dollhouses dating from the 1880s to the 1980s. Shown are products from many famous dollhouse companies, including N.D. CassT, ArcadeT, MeccanoT, Lines BrothersT, SchoenhutT, StrombeckerT, Wisconsin ToyT, Rich ToysT, KeystoneT, ConverseT, TynietoyT, RenwalT, MarxT, PlascoT, IdealT, PlaysteelT, Built-RiteT, Nancy ForbesT, TootsietoyT, and many other well-known firms. Of special interest are ads from companies not recognized in previous dollhouse books, including CranfordT, Elastic TipT, Playroom EquipmentT, Toy Gro Educational ToysT, Playskool InstituteT, VistaT, Melco ToysT, and many more. A special chapter illustrating magazine and newspaper plans for building dollhouses is included to help with the identification of handmade houses and furnishings. This unique book will help new and old collectors alike research their beloved dollhouses and dollhouse furniture.

This project seeks to collect all of the Jewish families from the town of Tovste, Ukraine, also known as Tolstoye, Tłuste, Toist, Tlusta, Tłuste Miasto, Tłuste Myasto, Toyst, Tolstoya.

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I use things like that. They want toyst o play with, so whatever keeps them happy. When they're older they even get *gasp* hard toys, sometimes. I have a set of kid drums in the car that they argue over they like them so much. I never intended for them to stay in the car, but took them with us for something one day and they just hever came back in.