~Mark Publicover, Inventor of the Trampoline Safety Net

Skywalker Trampolines Jump N' Dunk Trampoline with Safety Enclosure and Basketball Hoop, Red, 12-Feet


Vikan trampolines, , and are all here at The Trampoline Shop.

This is the 2nd Trampoline I bought in less than two years. The first was called Pure Fun 40 inch. That was a piece of junk. I have used this two times and so far it is much better quality.

It takes little effort to and set it up, and, naturally. Overall, this wonderful instrument called a trampoline is worth every dollar invested, regardless of the company who made it. It provides good, clean, decent fun and physical activity to everyone of almost every age (you wouldn’t have granny hop on a trampoline, would you?).

My Super-Fun trampoline is great! A+ Company, A++ Product

  • Steel Frame – 10 years (prorated)
  • Springs – 5 years
  • Jumping Mat Fabric – 5 years
  • Mat Stitching/Strapping – 2 years
  • Trampoline Pad - 1 year
  • Check out our 5 year Fail-Safe Guarantee

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Other activities that can be done with a trampoline, and do not involve jumping, are setting up a tent on it, sleeping, or otherwise relaxing on its surface, using the surface as a hammock, and so on and so forth. If you have a working imagination, the uses of a trampoline, both fun and useful, are virtually endless.

Note that a trampoline is mostly addressed to kids, but there is no rule, no law anywhere saying that adults cannot enjoy a good time. Well, maybe a weight a limit can apply, but it really depends on the trampoline and how it was built.