Awesome Homemade Transforming Bumblebee Transformer Halloween Costume

Transformers Robots in Disguise 3-Step Changers Bumblebee Figure(Discontinued by manufacturer)


Transformer IV BumbleBee 3d models

Fifth part of Transformers is under production these days. The Transformers featuring Bumblebee is going to be a great addition for the movie franchise and the fans are pretty excited for it.

We now live in a strange, riddle-like universe where vast numbers of people, despite already (and hopefully) knowing this much about him, are willingly, knowingly, voting for a would-be president who is an easily provable liar, a con man, and demagogue. Of course, at the end of the day, Transformers 5 will be just a film whose director is just a rich and eccentric director with weird surfer hair and (I’ve heard) a shrine to the Transformer Bumblebee in one wing of his mansion. And those swastikas on Churchill’s home? Just a prop. But the symbols of hate—literal or figurative—will be draped on the White House this January if Trump is sworn in. And those flags, or what even their specter has meant for this country, won’t by nearly as easy for a set crew to clear.

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    Bumblebee. Transformers Bumblebee Wallpaper by velvet87. HD Wallpaper and background images in the Transformers club tagged: shia labeouf megan fox transformers 2 revenge of the fallen bumblebee wallpaper.

    Here we have an amazing, epic, out of this wallpaper which of course is in stunning HD and fabulous high resolution. This Transformers Bumblebee wallpaper is a must to any fan of epic wallpapers or the incredible things that are the transformers, so waste no more time and make this epic your very own right now.