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So you're met with a ton of gameplay variety right off the bat, which is probably not what you'd expect going in to a licensed release like this – but it's a very good thing. Several past Transformers games have offered only the same style of play in level after level, but here you never know if you're about to step into a boss battle, or a car chase, or a brawl against a dozen hungry Insecticons. Each character feels different, too. The diversity is great.

Our Transformers games allow you to create thousands of different fighters with just a few clicks of the mouse. Select between dozens of different parts, changing your robot's arms, legs, body, and head! After customizing the build, you can paint every piece of your machine individually! Choose between virtually any color, or select from one of several pre-made patterns. After you've created a bot, select whether your will fight as an Autobot or Decepticon. Michael Bay would be proud!

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Our Transformers games are great for fans of the toys, cartoon series, and movies! We have exciting levels based on real action from the movies. Play with Hasbro toys, re-enact scenes from the cartoons, and much more! You can hunt for Decepticons, play with Autobots, and even create your own machine. Our Transformers collection puts you in complete control of powerful robots. You can drive, run, jump, and shoot, all from the comfort of your own home!

Our Transformers games permit you to create countless different boxers with merely a couple of clicks of the computer mouse. Select between lots of different parts, altering your robot's arms, legs, body, as well as head! After customizing the development, you can paint every piece of your equipment independently! Choose virtually any different colors, or choose from one of a number of pre-made patterns. After you've created a crawler, pick whether your will combat as an Autobot or Decepticon. Michael Bay would be proud!