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The Trash Pack Series 5 - Liquid Ooze Pack

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Parents need to know that The Trash Pack is based on the line of toys of the same name, which carries the slogan, "The Gross Gang in your garbage." This game is a collection of four different mini-games, each of which involves throwing trash, collecting trash, or moving trash. The positive side effect of the game is that players are helping to clean up the streets, but the focus of the game is on the garbage and how dirty it is. Players collect digital versions of the "Trashies" toys in the game, and the game also encourages players to collect as many of the real-life toys as they can as well.

This game is based on the "Trash Pack" line of collectible toys. This game will likely encourage players to go out and buy more toys so they can recognize them within the game. There is also an option for players to check off which real-world toys they own, so the game almost serves as a direct advertisement for the toys.

The Trash Pack Collector’s Trash Can

Trash Pack S7 Action Figure (5-Pack)

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The Trash Pack Two Pack Out of Package

I now have two 845 trinkets. Naraxas' Spiked Tounge and Tirathon's Betrayal. Now I figured for killing Dungeon bosses and Raid Encounters I will switch to these? but for trash packs in Mythic+. Will my pure stat Agil+Mastery trinkets be a better choice for killing the packs faster for BM?

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