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The Trouble board game has been around some 50+ years, being developed and released into the USA back in 1965. The game has seen varying success in different localities around the world but overall has been well received and very successful.

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    "Trouble" Board Game Directions. Trouble is a classic board game with dice and pawns with a twist. The game board was designed...

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    There have been quite a few different variants of the game produced but none of them have had the success seen by the original Trouble board game. The main variant was called Double Trouble, a board game very similar to the original, the only major difference being that this version featured two boards attached to one another rather than the single board.

    The Trouble board game was originally manufactured by Milton Bradley company, the company was later bought out by Hasbro and so the game is now owned by . The game itself was developed by the , Frank & Paul, who initially had the game manufactured by Irwin Toy Ltd, it wasn’t until some time later that Milton Bradley took over.