Description : Multicolor Gemstone Tumble Tree

Tumble Tree Timbers 699 Piece Set


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Tumble tree gets its information by a technique called ‘page scraping’, which gathers information by reading the HTML of a page, requesting their servers for more notes, reading the HTML again. It’s not considered to be a good thing to do, but as the Tumblr API doesn’t offer a method to get all notes for a post it was my only option. Which if you are a single person, Tumblr probably don’t mind so much, your impact would be negligable. But involving more users makes the situation far worse.

And as this tool gives a growing number of people the ability to make literally more requests for notes than they might otherwise (not that most people would), I find myself in the position of facilitating a great deal of strain on Tumblr’s already stretched servers. So until I hear back from Tumblr / discuss reasonable limits / get permission to run this tool, it’ll have to remain offline. Some time ago Missing-e users might remember the warnings that Tumblr put up regarding that extension - and page scraping was one of the reasons listed that Tumblr didn’t like Mising-e. This tool gives people the to chew up a lot more of Tumblr’s resources, but I’d be willing to enforce limits on Tumble Tree to get this within reasonable amounts if it means that it can be used at all.

Tumbleweed Tree Lighting Ceremony

  • Maxim Enterprise Tumble Tree Timbers (450 Piece)
  • Tumble Tree Timbers In Tube - 300-pc : Target

    If someone using Firefox wants to use this without the bookmarks toolbar, they can use an add-on called , which allows one to create a Tumble Tree toolbar button with this code:

    Tumble tree is in no way affiliated with Tumblr - this is a third party plugin and use of this plugin is done at your own risk. Tumble tree does not collect user data. Please read the for more information. If you have any queries or concerns regarding anything described on this site, please send me an email at dxinteractive at gmail dot com.