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Commercial 2 Flavor and Twist Soft Serve Ice Cream / Frozen Yogurt / Gelato / Sorbet Machine - 50 Quarts/Hour

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I would say this toy is more for a 6+ age group. My daughter will be 5 in a couple months and she can play with the perfect twist ice cream maker however it requires a fair amount of assistance from me or another adult. She did enjoy playing with it but I could tell she was getting frustrated having to ask me for help every few minutes. She eventually gave up playing with the perfect twist ice cream maker and just played with the cones, ice cream cups and play-doh. If I had to do this over I would not buy it again for her. She's just not ready for it.

Your little ones will create the swirliest, most realistic-looking soft serve "ice-cream" ever with the Perfect Twist Ice Cream playset! Help them fill the cones and dishes with fluffy fantasy ice cream swirls made of Play-Doh! Then they can use the softer, smoother Play-Doh Plus compound to crank out some colourful pretend sprinkles and top it all off!

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What's in the Cone?

The Twistee Treat cone shaped building and ice cream have been around since 1983. The 20’ high and 20’ wide fiberglass cone buildings have housed America’s favorite Twistee Treat ice cream. Twistee Treat’s long history of serving up the best ice cream experience is legendary! The Twistee Treat cone buildings will soon dot America’s landscape again, reminding us of how great ice cream can be. Twistee Treat ice cream makes you smile. Our philosophy is old fashioned – turn every guest into a fan. Over the years there have been millions!

Twistee Treat ice cream is real homemade ice cream. Its rich smooth flavors take you back to a simpler time. The menu indulges in ice cream, cones, cups and shakes. The banana splits are the best in the USA. Twistee treat also offers Malts, Shakes, Sundaes, and Slushes!

Scope for Investment

The Twistee Treat business plan has been carefully modeled to make it a perfect investment for the private investor, set up along the lines described on our Business Models page. It is a fully managed business and every aspect of the business (site planning. buying, employment, accounting, marketing, etc.) is taken care of by the Investment Manager. Providing good returns, with the added bonus of a preferential return of equity, make this one of our proudest offerings! A video showing the experience of the Investment Manager is available to view here.

The minimum investment is $500,000 with no upper limit. The business is also suitable for an American EB-5 Green Card visa for investments of $500,000 (in TEA areas), or more.


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