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How could you have forgotten Ice Station Zebra ? Ok, so it wasnt exactly a submarine movie, but it did involve a submarine, and it combined wildly implausible submarines of different types which we were supposed to be so stupid as to believe were actually the same submarine. Has some good footage in it that looks real to me.

I am trying to recall a submarine movie I watched in the 1990s. It’s a comedy of a old submarine going to be face out and be replaced by new technologies submarine. There were some argument and a competition was set between the old and new submarine. … It was really funny movies… dying to watch it again. . Pls.. If anyone recall the title … pls respond.

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Here's the first poster for The Last of Us movie

There’s something compelling about the submarine genre of movies: the close quarters, the life-and-death nature of it, the mystery of what’s out there in the dark and vast ocean depths. By our unofficial count, there have been roughly 100 submarine-oriented flicks made since World War II. (The exact number depends on which movies you decide to include). Spot Cool Stuff has seen the vast majority of them. Here’s ranking of our personal favorite ten best submarine movies:

is less of a submarine movie and more of a -like horror-suspence movie that happens to take place underwater. Submarine movie purist may want to navigate clear of this haunted tale. For lovers of ghost stories this flick staring Gary Broadway is a worthy watch. 2002