Unique Alarm Clocks with Colorful Light Dancing

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The clocks display on your alarm can be changed at any time to a style that suits you and the device can be stood either horizontally or vertically. This unique alarm clocks slick and modern design provides your bedroom with that extra “oomph” and the fact that it is so small and portable means it is a great space saver too!

Small, portable and stylish, this unique alarm clock can accompany you wherever you go and the rotating projection head will give you a clear reading at any angle. Durability is a must for such a little thing and by Jove you’ll be impressed how much of battering the can actually take!

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  • Unique Alarm Clocks with Colorful Light Dancing

    Say goodbye to late starts and unpredictable weather with the Oregon Scientific ExactSet Projection Clock! Showing you how to get up early in style, the Oregon alarm clock beams the exact time of you’re awakening as well as automatically syncing with the atomic clock. The alarm also allows you to benefit from a gradual beeping wake up tone, as opposed to shocking your system with something painfully loud. As if that wasn’t enough, this unique alarm clock will actually deliver you a precise weather forecast prediction, as well as instantly knowing what the current weather is like before you even step foot out of the door! A remarkably accurate reading of your room temperature is also visible on this stylish clocks back-lit LED screen and the fact that it can sustain a batteries life for well over a year is the icing on the cake!

    Of course, don’t take our word for it! Sleepyhead boast how the Wacky Phrases Alarm Clock never fails to wake them. They also claim to find the phrases to be quite charming and laughable. So, with an average customer review of 4 out of stars, perhaps it’s time you decided to wake up in style with this very unique alarm clock!