The most intense of all card games.. UNO ATTACK!

Uno Attack Game


We have Uno Attack, we love playing it together, love the lens!

Uno Attack also has special cards unique to its version. A Hit 2 card is sometimes put down on the discard pile, and when this happens, the next player is required to hit the launch button twice. That person's turn is then over when he takes these cards, and he has to wait for the next round to discard.

Uno Attack adds a fun new twist to a classic card game. Instead of grabbing a card from the pile when you can't play during your turn, you must instead press a button and a card launcher may or may not fling a whole bunch of cards at you. The object of Uno Attack is to be the first player to reach 500 points. You score points by being the first player to get rid of all your cards.

Action Cards in the Older Version of Uno Attack:

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    This auction is for one 1998 Uno Attack Game by Mattel. This has all the pieces and does work. This is motorized for fast card-flying action. The plastic on one side is loose.
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    The remainder of Uno Attack rules come in the form of found in the deck. Just as in traditional Uno, a reverse card reverses the direction of players, a skip card skips the turn of the person who was next to go, and a wild card can be played on any card regardless of color or number. The wild cardholder can also call out any color to move forward. So, if the deck is currently yellow, the player can put down a wild card and require the next card to be green, blue, yellow or red.

    Uno Attack! by Mattel has become one of my family's favorites. Its the same as uno but with more spunk. Uno Attack! has been great for our family because we have a big family and this game has no limits to how many players can play.

    Uno Attack!
    This game is a little different than Uno. It has a plastic center peice that's the discard and draw pile. Uno Attack has the same kind of cards plus some. It has the numbered cards in blue, red, yellow, and green. It also has the hit two card, reverse, skip, Wild Hit Fire, and Wild everyone Hit.

    The new cards
    The Hit two cards is just like the draw two card in regular uno, you hit the button twice on the plastic card holder and if your lucky you wont get any card and if your not so lucky the card dispenser will shoot cards out at you. The reverse and skip cards are the same as in Uno. The wild Hit fire card is when you choose the new color and the next person has to hit the button until it fires or "spits" out some cards. The wild everyone hit card is when you choose the color and then choose if you want to hit the button first or last, then you all take turns hitting the button until everyone has hit the button once, then it continues on to the next persons turn.

    The age group on Uno Attack! is from kids to Adults. Younger kids may have a harder time reading the cards but after they know what card means what they catch on quite easily. There is no limit to how many people can play at a time. Since how my family is bigger (i have a family of 7) we always ran out of cards fairly quick so we bought some refill cards and it has worked out good. When we have extended family over we all sit around and play a big game of Uno Attack! and have one big circle and two card dispensers going around the circle at a time it's really entertaining.

    Uno Attack! is a very fun and thrilling game to play. It keeps your suspense throughout the whole game and has unsuspected turns and twists throughout the whole game. Just when you think its over you get "shot" at with cards. A game of Uno Attack! depending on how many people are playing takes anywhere from fifteen minutes to a half an hour to play.