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“They Will Have to Kill Us First” is directed by Johanna Schwartz and features an original score by Nick Zinner of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. It will open at New York City’s Village East Cinema on March 4 along with the release of the soundtrack, followed by a launch in Los Angeles and other markets on April 1.

“They Will Have to Kill Us First” follows the group Songhoy Blues and musicians Khaira Arby, Fadimata “Disco” Walet Oumar and Moussa Sidi as they each deal with the situation in different ways. Footage includes the uprising of Tuareg separatists and jihadists and captures life at refugee camps and war-ravaged cities, as some of Mali’s most talented musicians set up and perform at the first public concert in Timbuktu since the music ban.

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“They Will Have to Kill Us First” is produced by Sarah Mosses of Together Films and executive produced by Andre Singer (“The Act of Killing”), alongside Stephen Hendel, Victoria Steventon, OKAY Africa and Knitting Factory Entertainment.

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