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Asian wedding entertainment is a chief component of any Indian wedding. These events are marked by festivities that can sometimes last for up to a week. Most of the time is taken by merry making through dancing to wedding music provided by professional music groups. The dancing sometimes goes on throughout the night. Shaadi music is very essential to the couple as most of them have the tunes recorded so that they can listen to them in future. These bring back sweet memories of the biggest day in any couples life. Indian shaadi entertainment must be taken very seriously as poor planning or lack of it can make your wedding very dull and boring. Since Indian weddings happen in stages there are different kinds of songs that mark the different stages.

To begin with, there is the period that comes just before the shaadi. This is usually the eve of the wedding day. Here Sangeet and Mehndi tunes are played. This music is meant to bring the families of the marrying couple together putting them in the mood of the big shaadi occasion that is beckoning. There are several music bands and dance troupes that are Mehndi experts. You can look

Toys “R” Us Must-Have Christmas Toys

Toys "R" Us Must-Have Christmas Toys

India Fitness Services and Equipment Industry Outlook to 2019 - Increasing Obesity and Disposable Income to Spur Future Growth' presents a comprehensive analysis of fitness services and equipments being used in the country by revenue along with the market segmentation by pricing, organizational structure, city-wise concentration for fitness services and by end users, type of equipments, origin for the fitness equipments, growth drivers, and competitive scenario of major players in the India Fitness Services and Equipment Market.

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