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VTech - V.Smile - Spiderman and Friends 2 : Doc Ock's Challenge


V Smile Games Review - Part 2: Dora's Fixit Adventure

Vtech has created a fun and educational game console in the V-Smile Learning System. Though three- and four-year-olds may have some trouble figuring out the V Smile games, they will enjoy trying and will love the simple graphics and the bright buttons. From alphabet learning to lessons on friendship, VTech V-Smile offers a wide range of activities to suit inquisitive toddlers, and this learning system is a good choice if you have both preschoolers and elementary-aged kids to entertain.

Parents seem to love the VSmile TV Learning Station, some noting that the design of the game reminds younger children of the more popular, advanced video gaming stations they see so often. Their children seem to love playing the VSmile games and don’t even realize they’re getting an early education at the same time!

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